Friday, August 15, 2008

Shuttle Launch from the Air

I'm sure you've seen a space shuttle launch on video before. It's so impressive, seeing this mammoth shuttle with even bigger, heavier fuel tanks lift from the ground, in a giant plume of smoke, steam, and fire. It is awe-inspiring (as long as it goes right,) although shuttle launches are seemingly infrequent these days. But, despite the fact that it is old technology, shuttle launches are great nonetheless.

But most of the videos we've seen of launches are from the ground, and maybe the side of the fuel tank. So, we have all seen pretty much the same perspective. The following video, though, is the result of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a space shuttle launch, from an airplane tens of thousands of feet up in the air.

Holy smokes, that is so cool.

"Space Shuttle Launch As Seen From Air Canada Flight" by LiveLeak user The Blue 8.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Olympics: Exciting for All

It's no secret that I'm not necessarily a fan the current U.S. president. Many of my views drastically differ from his, and I think he has spent the last eight years ineffectively leading the most powerful nation on the Earth. But, it's a democracy, and this nation voted for him (once or twice, depending on who you ask,) so he is legally the president, regardless of the legality of his own actions while president.

But just because only about one in three American citizens (or less) approve of the president doesn't mean he can't have a little fun. As you probably know, the 29th Summer Olympics began in Beijing, China, a few days ago. Many world leaders are currently there, or were there for the Opening Ceremonies. One of those leaders was the U.S. president, George W. Bush. He is still in China to discuss foreign relations with China's leaders. But, he spent a bit of time at the Olympics.

One of the first major events of this Olympiad is the beach volleyball. The U.S. women's double team consists of the famous and talented Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh. Bush was intrigued by their success, so he decided, to, um, "inspect" their work:

Good work there, Bush, looking out for "national security." But I'm glad to see he is enjoying himself.

Pics via Digg (on Wikiupload and Deadspin.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Helpful Walkthrough, If You're Rich

You may have heard this story already, but it is worth mentioning again. A few days ago a creative computer developer, eager to release an application for the iPod touch and iPhone, both of which can now legally use independently-made programs, created and submitted for sale I Am Rich. This small application has one function, displaying a picture of a red gemstone on your already-expensive iPod touch or iPhone.

I myself do not yet have an iPod touch (but I am hoping that their cost will go down significantly in September, when Apple is expected to update or release new products,) and, since I don't use the telephone don't often, I don't have an iPhone either. So, I myself was not able to test the functionality of I Am Rich. But, there is another reason why it would have been difficult for me to test out I Am Rich.

The application's price was $999.99.

I Am Rich mysteriously disappeared from the App Store only a few days after its release (maybe it was too unpopular, as only eight people bought it.) Regardless, one of the lucky eight decided to post a walkthrough of the application for all of us who were unable to experience I Am Rich:

I'm glad to see he is enjoying it.

"'I Am Rich' Guided Tour" by YouTube user NPomerleau.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

You Know You Have Way Too Much Free Time When...

I really don't like being lazy. I always feel guilty at the end of the day, if I didn't get something major accomplished, that I wasted a perfectly good twenty-four hours in which I could have been doing something more productive. For example, today was one of those days: I really didn't do much of anything worthwhile, even though I was available the entire day to do something.

But of course, sometimes being lazy is just fun. You get to entertain yourself and you don't really have to worry about which deadlines are coming up or how many other, more-productive things you could be doing. Take, for example, the person whose hands are featured in this movie. This person obviously had much free time or was just lazy, but they made the most of that extra time by becoming a virtuoso... telephonist.

Well... maybe that's even pushing it for things you could be doing in your free time.

"A Phone Concerto" by LiveLeak user Fuqitol.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

What I Would Name My Horse

Among others, I have two great interests in life: Sports (I'm a guy, what can I do,) and pirates. Both sports and pirates are the epitomes of awesomeness—even baseball, which I think is amazingly fun to watch and follow like a religion.

So even though sports and pirates are so great, how can we make them both better? Pretty easily: combine sports and pirates. That's just what one racehorse owner did, naming his horse "Arrr" (exact spelling not definite, but it's the sound that counts.) Here is legendary horse race announcer Tom Durkin having way too much enjoyable fun calling a race in which Arrr competed.

Sports + pirates = sweet. Go Arrr!

"Tom Durkin - ARRRRR" by YouTube user "partymanners".

Monday, July 28, 2008

You're Gay Too?

Hey, don't stop reading just because of the title!

Sometimes you hear stories in the news that sound too good to be true. Whatever happens in the story seems to be a work of fiction, which makes it even more funny since it is wholly true, even if the results of the story are somewhat sad or shocking.

There was such a story recently, and it's currently floating around the Internet. Here's the picture of the newspaper scan:

You'll probably need to click the image to enlarge it. But do read it. It is the funniest news story I've read in a long time.

"Don't fly me" hosted on Wikiupload, via Digg, written by the New York Times.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sesame Street is for Adults Too

I'm back in town after a month of academics (thank you Virginia Department of Education!), so hopefully I'll be able to update this blog a bit more now.

I remember growing up that I used to love watching Sesame Street, that PBS show with the big, friendly, colorful monsters that taught you how to count, spell, and be nice to all other people. Sesame Street is still an incredibly successful show, which continues to teach children about spelling and counting, as well as some more modern issues.

But that said, Sesame Street is not just a show for children. Here are three videos that prove that the childrens' PBS show (or at least Jim Henson's Muppets) are just as entertaining and insightful for adults.

First, you've probably heard the musical artist Feist's song "1234" on the radio or on an iPod commercial. Here is Feist retooling the lyrics of her song to fit the overall theme of Sesame Street:

"Feist on Sesame Street" by YouTube user BobbyBenson85.

Next, while the Sesame Street characters seemingly are friendly and considerate, they apparently have a nasty side too:

"Bert & Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap" by YouTube user stianhafstad.

Finally, everybody always feels sympathetic toward the Muppet Beaker, who can only speak in "meeps" and generally messes everything up. But here he shows of his musical talent:

"Ode To Joy" by YouTube user meepmeepmeepow.